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Golf in the Panhandle

Okay, you either love it or hate it, and I am not sure there is much in between, haha. If you are a lover of Golf, our area has some of the more beautiful courses I have played and also, a few that are in a great location but need a little work. Here are the ones I have played and a little feedback. By no means do I shoot par (at this time) but dang do I enjoy playing it.

I like this course a lot. My Dad & I play it as often as possible, which is about once every other month. We hope to increase that frequency, though. The drive is not bad, but you should allow 40 minutes to get there, depending on your location. Laguna Beach, 40 minutes. Once you are there, the first order of business is their Bloody Mary, which comes with a Slim Jim straw (that I had no clue existed).

The course is 7752 yards over 750 acres; Par is 72, from the Championship Tees. The course has always been in great shape when I've played. Hilly terrain makes several of the fairways challenging the first couple of games. Designed and built by Doug O'Rourke. The rates have been pretty fair for how great a course it is, ranging from $60 - $105 depending on the time of the year. They do offer senior days and rates.

Check them out at or 850.835.1847

Holiday Golf Club is one of the nicer courses in Panama City Beach proper. The location is great in regards to travel and time. It is unique as it has a Championship course and a Par 3 on the same property. Every time I have played either, they have been in pretty good shape.

From the green's on the Championship course, the yardage is 6859 and a Par of 72. The rates range from $75 to $125 depending on the time of year. The carts are GPS equipped.

The Par 3 course is a 9 hole course that can be walked or a cart may be used. Their site does not list a price for it so I will play a round soon and update (3/9/22 MBM).

Check them out at or 850.234.1800

This course underwent a major renovation during 2021 and I have not played it yet, but it was pretty great before so I can only imagine they did a stellar job. The renovation was led by Bill Bergin with Bergin Golf Designs. Along with the renovation Bill carved out some space for a six hole short game course, without losing space for the 18 holes. The new yardage is 6707 from the black tees. I have always enjoyed playing this course and am excited to get back and play the new design. I will update this post once I do (3/9/22 MBM)

Check them out at or 850.267.2229

This is another course with a great location in Panama City Beach. The drive is not bad but can be congested during certain times of the year (Spring Break mainly). They do a nice job with the grass here cosidering the course is basically on beach sand. It's always been in pretty fair condition. The pricing ranges from $31 - $49 with a cart so the price isn't bad for what you get. The site doesn't list the stats and I do not recall so will go and play a round (oh darn) and update this post (3/9/2022 MBM)

Check them out at or 850234.5051

I play this course often due to the proximity of where I live, but honestly, I really like the course. Over the years they have struggled to keep the course in good shape however, it is under new ownership. I can tell they are working hard to get this course headed in the right direction and look forward to seeing it get there. The course is 7095 yards from the back tees. I enjoy the layout a lot, it is wide open in most fairways and surrounded by woods, so bring a few extra balls unless you hit the fairway every shot. The location for Panama City Beach is not great, around 50 minutes but as this course shapes up, it will be worth the trip. The rates range from $50 - $70.

Check them out at or 850.773.3619

It has been quite a while since I have played this course and while researching, I can't figure out why. I will be making a trip here soon so will update more then. For now, the course is 7,100 yards from the back tees. This is the first and only Nicklaus Design course in the NW Panhandle and is located in the Bay Point community, which is an easy location to get to. The natural terrain surrounding the course is really fantastic and I look forward to getting back for a round.

Check them out at or 850.235.6950

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